Les spammeurs vont se faire bayeser !

This article is only intended for people who have or want to have a self-administrated mail server. Normal people can safely ignore this and read something else.

You have set a mail server on a Debian/Ubuntu box and you are proud of it. This is fine. You followed some tutorials and have a working SpamAssassin integration. Fine ! But there is still a problem : most spam emails are not considered as spam because they are beneath the 5.0 threshold. You thought about lowering the threshold but you had too many false-positive, especially from your hotmail/yahoo friends. So, we will polish a bit your SA installation and add some cool anti-spam stuffs.

The bulb and the flower…

Hula-Jabber I’m running the Fritalk public Jabber server for nearly 10 months now. I highly recommend you this wonderful Jabber server with all services you ever dreamed about and a bunch of friendly admins. (Watch out! The 1.0 release is coming shortly…)

But since a few days, we have a new big concurrent : Google Talk. I’m very pleased that google is using Jabber. Maybe we will soon see a world where IM is like email : standardized and not centralized.

I was really happy until I saw that the Google Talk Jabber server is closed to other servers. It’s just like Gmail would only allow you to send and receive mails to and from a Gmail account!


Hula sous Debian : p’tit truc


Attention, ce billet est purement technique et concerne les curieux voulant installer Hula sous Debian. Dans un sens, on peut le voir comme une forme de poésie ultra-geek (la fleur Hula se dépose dans la spirale Debian grâce à la magie d’apt-get), mais bon… passez plutôt au billet suivant ! 😉