Les opportunités manquées du Libre : la satisfaction

Les opportunités manquées du Libre : la satisfaction

Pendant des siècles, la définition de l’innovation était « rendre possible quelque chose qui ne l’était pas auparavant ». Même si cela n’affectait qu’une minorité technologiquement lettrée ou ayant la chance d’être bien équipée. Désormais, un autre type d’innovation prend le pas : « rendre agréable à une catégorie de personnes ce qui est possible ». Imaginons que vous souhaitiez […]

Writing on a smartphone: review of 8pen and MessagEase

I like to write. Consequently, I’m constantly trying to optimize my writing tools. On a computer, I’m very satisfied by my Typematrix keyboard configured to use the Bépo keymap, which is the French Dvorak.

An old typewriter

When typing, we use approximately 50 keys. Combined with Shift and Alt, this gives you more or less 150 characters. Some of them are dead keys, giving you even more characters but some are completely useless on a day-to-day basis. I’m writing mostly in French, which requires a lot more characters than English. How does it translate on a smartphone? I will share my experience and review the two most innovative solutions I’ve found: MessagEase and 8pen.

First of all, I consider that a smartphone or a tablet has nothing to do with a typewriter. As such, it’s completely silly to try to mimic a solution that was designed to work around hardware limitations. Each time I see a virtual QWERTY non-aligned keyboard on a tablet, I sigh.