Say hello to your planet !

Today, I did my first real contribution[1] to Ubuntu by doing Mark’s hackergotchi[2] :

Mark's head


[1] No, the book is definitively not a contribution as it doesn’t speak about swallows and coconuts

[2] see also the whole contest

So, I say hello to PUC. Mark, can you say hello to your new head ?

Mark says hello !

Thank you Mark. And now for something completely different :

If you are coming to FOSDEM this saturday, the Ubuntu-be team will have his first meeting. All Ubuntu supporters are welcome. I will make a short speech[1] about why I think Ubuntu-be could be useful, we will discuss everyone’s ideas and then, hopefully, choose to create Ubuntu-be or not. I hope it will be short so we can spend more friendly (read « beer ») time together.

Ubuntu & Fries
Ubuntu-be meeting
Saturday 25th february, at 14h (2PM) during FOSDEM
Room H3227 or H3228, Brussel

As this room is on the first floor and is not available for the public, the meeting point is at 14h down the stairs just next to the hacker-room (and the WC).

See you saturday…

PS : I’ve seen a lot of missing hackergotchies on PUC and other planets. If you want that I quickly gimp your hackergotchi, please send a high-res picture of you to ploum – In fact, Gimp does all the work, wonderful software isn’t it ?


[1] in english so it might be funny

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